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Growing Poppies with Little Poppy Mama - You CAN do it!!

Growing Poppies with Little Poppy Mama - You CAN do it!!

Growing poppies can be a challenge.
Whether you’re a beginner, or seasoned pro…

Little Poppy Mama probably has a few tricks up her sleeve that can help you have a more bountiful harvest this spring. 
Growing poppies in two completely different garden zones (Zone 10 in California and Zone 6 in Missouri) has taught me many hard and valuable lessons about what poppies need to thrive. 
You can feel confident when purchasing your poppy seeds from starfishhoney. Each poppy seed order comes with comprehensive instructions that are easy to follow and COMPLETE with all of the vital information you’ll need to grow your own poppies. Nearly a decade of growing poppies successfully in two zones has given me the knowledge and practice needed to help hopeful poppy gardeners in many zones grow the garden of their dreams. 

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