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Cold & Flu Remedies

Be prepared for cold and flu season. Have your cabinet stocked with natural remedies BEFORE illness hits your home this season. Colds and flus are gonna happen. There is nothing we can do to stop them. But we CAN be prepared to ease the symptoms and usher them OUT of the house quickly. Here is where you can find everything you need to fight cold and flus, naturally. 

In my home when flu strikes, (and with 4 school age kids, trust, we get our share) I have a routine and remedies ready to go. I start by smudging. Clean the air! Smudging removes viruses and bacteria from the air. Plus it really lifts the “sick” energy from the house. I break out a smudge wand immediately when someone calls for mom to bring a bucket in the middle of the night. My next step is elderflower and peppermint tea. Even just a few sips will help. Elderberry syrup is at the ready. This is for ME! When the flu hits a kid, I know I’m gonna be next. So I start drinking elderberry syrup right away to keep myself safe. 
Ginger tea is our next step. The road to recovery is long. Ginger can really help with sore and sensitive flu stomachs. 

Now we have to treat the cough. A true flu, will likely bring with it, a nasty cough. We fear no cough in our home. My cough remedy teas beat any cough or cold that dares step into our home. Mama always has something at the ready. Whether it’s balm for those sore runny little noses, or some ‘magical’ smoke that will chase the virus out. My family knows I have them covered for flu season. I mean, if you’re a mama who is gonna snub the flu shot, you’d better have a serious back up plan for when it comes, ami right? Let’s face it, it’s common knowledge that the flu shot is nothing more than their ‘best guess’ of what strain is gonna make it’s rounds each year. And with my house full of school aged kids, it sure feels like they NEVER guess right. Because we ALWAYS get whatever plagues are going the school each year. Thankfully we have lots of natural remedies and our suffering is usually short and rarely severe. 
Stocking up your medicine cabinet with preventatives for cold and flu season is NEVER a bad idea. 

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