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California Poppy Tincture
California Poppy Tincture
California Poppy Tincture
California Poppy Tincture

California Poppy Tincture

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California Poppy Herb is often used for relief of insomnia, anxiety and can be mood elevating. Gentle, non narcotic, calming effect. 

California poppy is one of the oldest North American remedies for stress-induced maladies including sensitivity to changes in the weather (SAD)  

The above ground parts and roots of this wildflower show promise in the treatment of insomnia without the side effects and dependency risks of sleep aids.

Higher doses of California poppy are sedating, lower doses reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

The effect is far milder than that of the opium poppy, which contains a different class of alkaloids.

Our slow brewed California Poppy tincture is crafted from freshly harvested flower heads and the most tender and potent young spring leaves. 

Please note: As with all of our herbal teas and tinctures: Our California poppy tincture is made with an abundance of freshly harvested herbs. The potency is far greater than ANY mass produced products using aged and foreign grown herbs. Proceed with care and exercise moderation. The potency of our herbal products often exceeds expectation from those more familiar with mass produced herbal supplements. 

Special Attention

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   By all means see a physician when a condition requires his services.

   There is ample proof that that botanical medicines have been used for thousands of years, and it is reasonable to believe that they were also used by primitive man to survive diseases, and the rigors of aging.

    None of these products have been evaluated by the FDA.

   Many botanicals offered at Starfish Honey are recognized in the United States and foreign pharmacopias. Many of them have been discarded for stronger, more certain, synthetic drugs, or other reasons.

   Modern science is now reevaluating many of the old time botanicals, and searching jungles and distant places to seek remedies from aboriginal races.

  The future of human medicine may very well rest in the methods of our ancient ancestors.