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Herbal Bath Therapy

Fresh whole medicinal and aromatic herbs. The finest collection of therapeutic mineral and sea salts. No added essential oils. Instructions on how to properly benefit from herbal bath therapy and the cutest organic cotton sacks you’ve ever seen.
That’s what you can expect from our line of Herbal Bath Salts.

Our offerings are always made with fresh, organic, whole herbs grown on our Northern Ozark Homestead. We do not add essential oils to our bath salts or to any of our products. When harvested fresh, with the kind of love and care we put into our products, herbs provide their essences naturally. 

Whether you’re taking a bath to heal your skin from psoriasis or eczema. Relaxing and rejuvenating in Mademoiselle Ninon’s secret recipe for everlasting beauty, soothing sore muscles and decongesting from a cold or flu. Or just want to experience a long walk in a dense cedar forest. We have a relaxing herbal bath tonic made just for you. 


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