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Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)
Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)

Calendula Balm (Cheeky Balm)

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 This small batch, hand crafted, head to toe healing balm is completely natural & beyond organic... & Vegan Friendly too! 🌱

Starting it’s journey from carefully selected heirloom seed. Bright as sunshine blooms yield sticky, potent resin. Infused gently, at very low heat into a thoughtful combination nourishing plant oils. This all healing, all purpose salve is the star of my apothecary cabinet. Both at my shop and in my own home.

100% Natural: Made from hand harvested calendula, plantago & German chamomile flowers. Grown in my own beyond organic garden. I harvest my calendula each afternoon to ensure the midday sun has drawn the flowers to maximum potency.

Perfect for breastfeeding mothers. My very first batch of Calendula balm was born of my own need for an all natural balm for both me and baby. Simply, I needed a breast balm and I NEEDED to know that EVERYTHING in it was safe for my newborn too. 🤰🤱

Healer of chapped cheeks AND cracked nipples.

And SO much more:




Diaper Rash

Chafed skin

Dry skin

Winter skin


Wind Burn

Cracked hands & feet

Little red runny noses

Gardener’s hands

Insect bites

Cuts & Scrapes

And Definitely Dish Pan Hands! 🙌🏼

No two batches are exactly alike. I am constantly improving on the recipe. I am also growing and harvesting more calendula than ever before. Having my own ample supply of calendula means I NEVER have to scrimp and can ALWAYS use fresh flowers. I NEVER use bulk commercial calendula in my balm. (Or any products). Secret- but not so secret: THIS is why my products work.

You will notice the difference immediately.

No PETROCHEMICALS - 100% Plant based - Vegan - Eco Friendly - Sustainable - Small Batch - Made with Love ❤️

I believe in natural, whole plant medicine with my whole heart 🌱 ♥️ Modern medicine is born of plant medicine. The healing power of plants isn’t just magical. It’s also science. Calendula is a tried and trusted, ancient healer. Great-Grandmother’s knew this medicine. Why have we forgotten this? 

INGREDIENTS: Calendula, Chamomile, Plantago, Oat oil, Camellia seed oil, Avocado oil, Shea Butter & LOVE 

NOTE: 3/4 oz ‘Cheeky Balm’ contains a NOT WHIPPED formula of Calendula Balm - same ingredients, same ratios - just NOT WHIPPED, so it fits into a smaller tin

Statements not evaluated by FDA - Always consult a doctor before starting any new treatment of any kind. Not intended to cure any disease.