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Bean - Contender Bush Bean

Bean - Contender Bush Bean

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Contender Green Bush Beans are popular, adaptive, and productive! The thick tender pods are tasty when fresh, canned, or frozen. This early bean variety is dependable and ideal for cool, short-season climates. The pods grow 6" long in about 50 days and are flavorful and stringless.

First offered to gardeners in 1949, Contender green bush bean seeds come from a high yielding, disease resistant strain. Originally, the common bean comes from South America; some historians trace it as far back as the Pre-Incan civilization in Peru. When Columbus arrived in the New World, he found green beans growing with the maize of the Indians. Columbus and other European explorers introduced this new vegetable to their countries, where it eventually spread to the rest of Europe and all over the world.

WHY WE LOVE BUSH BEANS: No trellis required! 

30 or more seeds per pack