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Bean - French Horticulture (Taylor)

Bean - French Horticulture (Taylor)

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The plants of the French Horticultural bean do well in heavy soils and yield flat 8" green pods that are primarily used as snap beans. If dried, the pods turn to a yellow color splashed with red, and the purple seeds can be used as a dry soup bean. This bean is a half runner type that some consider a pole bean. It grows for about 68 days to maturity.

The French Horticulture strain is a mix of white beans with red "cranberry" beans. They are also closely related to the type of bean known in Italy as "borlotti." French, Italian, and American chefs all prize their own varieties of this bean for its creamy, nutty flavor when cooked. Some gardeners consider this bean, a half runner type, to be a pole bean. The beans also make excellent dry soup beans.

20 or more seeds per pack