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Beldam Bruja (Boneknit) Vanishing Balm
Beldam Bruja (Boneknit) Vanishing Balm
Beldam Bruja (Boneknit) Vanishing Balm
Beldam Bruja (Boneknit) Vanishing Balm
Beldam Bruja (Boneknit) Vanishing Balm
Beldam Bruja (Boneknit) Vanishing Balm

Beldam Bruja (Boneknit) Vanishing Balm

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My favorite part of Beldam Bruja Vanishing Cream and Night Serum

aside from it’s astounding and mysterious anti-aging properties…

is it’s name… A play on words






an old woman.

a malicious and ugly woman, especially an old one; a witch.



Translations of bruja




hechicera, bruja


bruja, vieja


perra, puta, zorra, hembra, bruja, loba




bruja, vieja, anciana


bruja, hechicera


maleficio, mal de ojo, bruja, aojo



My second next favorite, aside from it’s astounding and mysterious ability to lighten and brighten my skin in just one overnight application…

Is it’s color… Some how a serum, made from comfrey, yarrow and calendula, that is such a deep, dark green color, moss on the trees of the deepest darkest most secretive magical forest would be envious…

manages to turn it’s self into the most subtle and gentle shade of antique white, that I’ve ever seen.


Both the serum and vanishing cream hold a natural, most subtle earthy fragrance, hints of the magical healing herbs inside, with a cool earthy depth. Something like the scent of summer giving way to autumn.


This one is made to vanish the old witches that lurk on the surface of aging skin. To *vanish* the damage of time and the harshness of Mother Nature’s elements.

Through gentle exfoliation, deep nourishment and magical healing, Beldam Bruja brightens and softens the deepest and darkest Beldams that lurk on the surface on our fair maiden skin.

Beldam Bruja Vanishing Serum in whipped body butter form. Copious amounts of healing serum is whipped into pure Shea butter.  My hand made products are crafted in small batches, after all.  I can use as much oil as I’d like. I use the products that I make on my own skin. You can be sure I’m making them as potent and perfect as possible. 

Use this Vanishing Cream to disappear signs of age, stress and injury to your skin.

Beldam Bruja works quickly, penetrates deeply to moisturize and nourish dry, irritable and stressed out skin. Whether it’s wrinkles or teenage acne, vanishing serum provides soothing, chemical free relief to your skin. 

Especially soothing as an after shaving treatment  

Wild Ozark Mountain yarrow, harvested under the summer sunshine, at it’s peak of healing potency  

Freshly Comfrey, harvested one healing leaf at time in the brisk autumn air  

Fresh, golden, calendula . Still sticky with it’s potent skin healing resin. harvested one beautiful flower at a time throughout spring and autumn  

Solar infused through the heart of summer, into my 4 favorite skin nourishing oils. Avocado, Hemp, almond and coconut oils. Whipped into pure, organic and unrefined ultra moisturizing Shea Butter. 

A nutrient dense, anti bacterial, anti microbial combination of fast absorbing plant based oils. Vegan friendly. Tested on family, not animals. 

Comfrey, also known as ‘Boneknit’ has the power to heal broken bones. Imagine what it will do for your skin. 

Use on cuts and scrapes, rashes and chafe, insect bites and burns. Massage into strains, sprains and bruising, into aching muscles and joints. 

Most of all, use it on your beautiful face. This was my original intention when I created this oil blend. 

Your beautiful face and mine.

I wanted a goddess oil for my face. I wanted to make it with the most nourishing herbs that mother earth had to offer. 

I found those potent healing plants, both wild and cultivated, and with the help of the life giving sun, turned them into skin nourishing magic. 

NOTE: Yarrow contains naturally occurring salicylic acid, a natural exfoliator. This natural exfoliation of the top layers of your skin can cause sensitivity in some, similar to a gentle and natural chemical peel. Avoid prolonged and direct exposure to the sun after applying this product.
Spot test on a sensitive area of your skin, such as a small area of your neck, to avoid unknown allergies to the plant material in this product. This product is not for burned or highly irritated skin.   

Special Attention

The botanical materia medics, wares and recipes of this website are NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE THE SERVICES OF PHYSICIANS.

   By all means see a physician when a condition requires his services.

   There is ample proof that that botanical medicines have been used for thousands of years, and it is reasonable to believe that they were also used by primitive man to survive diseases, and the rigors of aging.

    None of these products have been evaluated by the FDA.

   Many botanicals offered at Starfish Honey are recognized in the United States and foreign pharmacopias. Many of them have been discarded for stronger, more certain, synthetic drugs, or other reasons.

   Modern science is now reevaluating many of the old time botanicals, and searching jungles and distant places to seek remedies from aboriginal races.

  The future of human medicine may very well rest in the methods of our ancient ancestors.