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Bushel Gourd

Bushel Gourd

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Try something different and grow an enormous gourd. These giant gourds can grow 3-5 feet in circumference and weigh up to 100 pounds! These huge ornamental gourds can be dried and hollowed out for a lightweight autumn decoration or made into a bushel basket. This is an enjoyable, creative project for the whole family.

The origin of gourds has been a subject of debate for decades. Archaelogical findings seem to show that Asia first domesticated the gourd for use as a container, though Africa and several island nations such as Polynesia and New Zealand also have an early history of using gourds as fishing floats, bottles, or musical instruments. Recent research shows that North America's gourds are nearly as old as those of Asia, which seems to suggest that early peoples who settled in the New World brought gourds with them.

20 count seed pack