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Caraway seed

Caraway seed

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Caraway is a favorite spicy herb for adding flavor to breads, salads, sausage, and more. Use the leaves to flavor food during the first year, and use the seeds in the second year. It rarely becomes invasive, but if conditions are just right, it will spread. Water regularly, but do not overwater.

Possibly one of the oldest herbs, evidence of caraway has been found in the Neolithic ruins of Europe as well as in ancient Egypt. Medieval medicine recommended the use of caraway for the improvement of digestion as well as for infant colic; William Shakespeare himself made reference to the culinary use of this herb in his play Henry IV, when Falstaff is invited to "take a pippin and a dish of caraways." The flavor of caraway became extremely popular in Tudor England, especially cooked with fruit or for cakes and bread. Caraway has a well known role in the cuisine of Germany, Scandanavia, northern Africa, and various eastern European countries.

20 or more seeds per pack