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Cleavers (Dried Herb)
Cleavers (Dried Herb)
Cleavers (Dried Herb)

Cleavers (Dried Herb)

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Cleavers possesses a number of therapeutic properties, for instance, it works as an outstanding facial wash owing to its ability to make the skin tighter. People who have normal wrinkles and droopiness on their face, which occurs as one ages should consider using cleavers, as they might find it beneficial for their condition.

Boil a quart of water and add about three and-a-half tablespoonfuls of the dehydrated herb after removing the water from the heat. Cover the container and simmer it for about 40 minutes. Strain the liquid, allow it to cool down and then use it to rinse your face and neck regularly. In addition, you may soak packs comprising a little terrycloth towel or wash cloth in this herbal tea, wring it out gently and subsequently apply it to the total area of the face for a maximum period of 10 minutes a number of times daily with a view to facilitate in making your skin folds tighter. When you do this on a regular basis, you will be able to witness the results just within a fortnight. It is worth mentioning here that after two weeks you should mainly try to find the new kind of sensation in your life, which was earlier having an exhausted, worn down skin.

Cleavers is a very familiar weed growing naturally as a hedgerow in the region of its origin as well as where the herb has been naturalized over the years. It is an outstanding herb that works as a cleansing herbal medication, eliminating toxins as well as waste substances from the body, thereby, lessening inflammation and heat. In addition, cleavers also possesses diuretic properties which facilitate in getting rid of the waste products from the body and also work to augment the functioning of the lymphatic system. This, in turn, encourages the drainage of toxic as well as waste products from the lymphatic system via the urinary tract. All these functions of cleavers make the herb an outstanding medication that helps in fluid retention, curing skin conditions  like acne, psoriasis, eczema, abcesses and boils. This herb is also effective in treating infections of the urinary system, kidney stones and gravel, in addition to gout and arthritis . It is worth mentioning here that cleavers may be employed to treat problems related to the lymph glands, for instance, obstruction of the breast, as well as obstruction of the lymph glands and distended lymph glands. This herb is also known to possess anti-tumour actions, especially when they occur in the skin, the lymphatic system and/ or breasts.

Cleavers possesses calming attributes that help in bringing down temperatures when one is suffering from fevers and also in treating eruptive contagions chicken pox  and measles. This herb helps to cool heat as well as inflammation within the body, which are generally witnesses in conditions like arthritis, cystitis, digestive disorders and inflammatory skin complaints. The astringent attributes of cleavers promote the functioning of the liver as well as improve the digestive process and also absorption of nutrients. Traditionally cleavers was used to prepare a calming drink that was given to people during each spring with a view to purify the blood.

Cleavers has a number of additional therapeutic uses. For example, the freshly obtained leaves of this herb may be directly applied onto wounds and cuts to stop excess bleeding as well as accelerate the healing process. The juice extracted from the herb or the infusion prepared from it may be employed to rinse varicose ulcers, while the freshly obtained leaves of cleavers may be used to prepare a poultice. It may be noted here that topical application of cleavers will actually alleviate as well as calm burn injuries, sunburns and inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema. In addition, it will also help to cleanse the blemishes on the skin.

For long, cleavers has been used as a common domestic herbal remedy for a number of conditions.

Besides being a very effective diuretic, cleavers is frequently taken internally to treat skin complaints like eczema, seborreah and psoriasis.

It is also a useful remedy for distended lymphatic glands and in the form of a common detoxifying agent in cases of severe ailments, for instance cancer.

The entire cleavers herb, barring the root, possesses aperients, antiphlogistic, diuretic, alternative, astringent, diaphoretic, depurative, tonic, febrifuge and vulnerary attributes.

Cleavers is used internally as well as externally for treating an assortment of ailments , for instance, in the form of a poultice to treat wounds, ulcers and various skin disorders. In addition, cleavers is used in the form of a decoction to cure insomnia and instances wherein administration of a potent diuretic is of use. It has also been established that cleavers is effective in the treatment of tonsilitis, glandular fever, cystitis, hepatitis, ME and several other liver conditions. 

Often, cleavers has been used in combination with different other herbs as an element of a spring stimulating drink. A tea brewed from the herb has been employed traditionally both externally and internally for treating the deadly disease cancer. However, a report says that using the juice of the herb instead of the tea is more useful. It may be noted here that the efficacy of cleavers as a remedy for cancer has neither been confirmed nor contradicted so far. Some species belonging to this genus enclose a substance asperuloside, which produces coumarin and when the herb dries up, it exudes a fragrance similar to just mown hay. It is possible to convert asperuloside into prostaglandins, compounds akin to hormones that invigorate the uterus as well as have an influence on the blood vessels. This particular attribute makes this genus very interesting for the pharmaceutical industry. Cleavers is also used to prepare a homeopathic medicine.

It is worth mentioning here that the juice extracted from the whole cleavers plant as well as the infusion prepared from it are also used internally for treating kidney stones as well as various other problems related to the urinary tract.