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Moon Goddess Tea
Moon Goddess Tea
Moon Goddess Tea

Moon Goddess Tea

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Moon Goddess TEA 

“Embrace your feminine woes and pains for they are a joy bestowed unto women a gift”


Moon Goddess Tea is handcrafted in small batches with the ancient wisdom of plant medicine in the feminine spirit, by a woman’s hands. Born of necessity for self care.

Our herb combination specifically designed to relieve pain associated with menstruation, uterine discomforts. Our tea nourishes and supports the womb. Reducing uterine fibroids, regulating menstrual cycle; Helping to tone and strengthen the myometrium, allowing the uterus to more efficiently shed it’s lining.

  • Use postpartum to encourage speedy recovery.
  • Provides nourishment and support after miscarriage.
  • Supportive and effective for those trying to conceive.
  • Relief from the painful cramps and heavy bleeding associated with peri-menopause and uterine fibroids.
  • Natural and noninvasive treatment for endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS


How to use Moon Goddess Oil:

Warm oil to at least 102 degrees. Massage into lower belly where under lies the womb in a clockwise circular motion for 5 minutes. 20 minutes or more of therapeutic massage is recommend and you owe this to yourself. Your womb creates souls, supports life, is the heart of the essence of woman. Cherish it. 

“The Womb chakra is a divine creation point within us. It is a connection to the Divine Mother, and a resting place of our soul energy. ... It is your birth right to know about, empower, and use the Womb Chakra energy in your life and world.”

This oil is infused generously with fresh plant based medicinals. It is potent, concentrated and crafted from premium organic oils and hand harvested pesticide and chemical free botanical ingredients.

For those blessed with abundance, use this luxurious oil as is. For those of us on a budget, add this concentrated oil to your favorite carrier oil to extend your supply for long term or frequent therapeutic use.

It is recommended to use coconut, almond, avocado or castor oils at the measurement of 1 part concentrate to 4 parts carrier oil. For acute, short term or very persistent conditions use the oil concentrate as is. You can’t put a price on the health of your womb.


Ingredients: Red Raspberry Leaf, Ginger Root, Chaste Berry (Vitex), Wild Yam Root, Cramp Bark, Clevers, *Turmeric Root and Burdock Root infused into Organic Cold-Pressed Avocado, Sweet Almond, Ricinus (Castor) and Rose Hip Seed oils.

*Turmeric root will stain clothing & linens. Do not use this product when wearing clothing, linen, towels, etc that you do not wish to turn a lovely shade of gold. 

Special Attention:

The botanical materia medics, wares and recipes of this website are NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE THE SERVICES OF PHYSICIANS.

   By all means see a physician when a condition requires his services.

   There is ample proof that botanical medicines have been used for thousands of years, and it is reasonable to believe that they were also used by primitive man to survive diseases, and the rigors of aging.

    None of these products have been evaluated by the FDA.

   Many botanicals offered at Starfish Honey are recognized in the United States and foreign pharmacopias. Many of them have been discarded for stronger, more certain, synthetic drugs, or other reasons.

   Modern science is now reevaluating many of the old time botanicals, and searching jungles and distant places to seek remedies from aboriginal races.

  The future of human medicine may very well rest in the methods of our ancient ancestors.