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Cucumber - Marketmore 76

Cucumber - Marketmore 76

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Marketmore 76 holds its excellent flavor and color even in the hot summer sun! This is a very productive and widely adapted slicing cucumber variety with excellent disease resistance. The uniform, straight, cylindrical fruits average 8" long with no stippling. They are resistant to CMV, DM, PM, and Scab, and take 68 days.

Historians generally agree that the first cucumbers grew in India's Himalyan Mountains over 3,000 years ago. From this region they expanded into Greece and Rome; the Romans most likely spread this vegetable to the rest of Europe. The cucumber was widely grown by native Americans through the influence of the Spanish and other explorers. Cucumbers continue to be a vital part of traditional cuisine in Russia and many parts of Asia; the greatest variety of colors and shapes of this vegetable can still be found in its Asian birthplace. Marketmore cucumbers in particular were developed at Cornell University of New York, but Dr. Henry Munger.

30 or more seeds per pack