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Endive - Sugar Loaf Heirloom

Endive - Sugar Loaf Heirloom

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Strongly resembling the more familiar Romaine lettuce, this gourmet endive variety is valued by chefs in France and Italy. The light green leaves form compact heads weighing 2-4 pounds, and it's slightly bitter flavor adds a unique flavor to any salad.

Endive, a member of the chicory family, most likely originated in Egypt or the Mediterranean region. Pliny the Elder praised its medicinal properties, stating that it purified the blood and cured insomnia. By 1200 AD, many varieties of endive were known throughout Europe; the first American reference to this vegetable comes from an 1806 cookbook. Endive still thrives in the gardens and kitchens of Mediterranean countries, where it often makes a tasty addition to salads.

100 ct seed pack