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Four o’clocks  - Seed Savers Delight!

Four o’clocks - Seed Savers Delight!

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This flower is great place to get kids (or yourself) started with seed saving. Plentiful, easy to identify and harvest seeds, can be addictive and definitely propel a person into a lifelong love of seed saving. 
This flower has a habit of opening in the late afternoon, an unusual feature that is caused by changes in light and temperature. This garden favorite produces fragrant blossoms in brilliant pink, rose, red, white, and yellow.

This popular garden flower earned its name because of its habit of opening in late afternoon; this unique characteristic is caused by fluctuations in temperature and light. The genus name "Mirabilis" comes from the Latin word for "wonderful," while the species name "jalapa" refers to an often used name for locations in South and Central America. Founding father Thomas Jefferson grew these flowers in his extensive estate gardens at Monticello, referring to them as the "fragrant Marvel of Peru." Historians believe that the ancient Aztecs were the first to raise these flowers, which made their way to Europe by the early 18th century and were classified by Linnaeus in 1753.

30 or seeds per pack