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Horsetail Grass (Fresh or Dried)
Horsetail Grass (Fresh or Dried)
Horsetail Grass (Fresh or Dried)

Horsetail Grass (Fresh or Dried)

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The horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) traditionally considered a medicinal plant with many properties for our health. This plant is very appreciated for being one of the best natural diuretics that exist.  Also highly valued for the positive benefits for the kidneys, slimming, depurative and detoxifying.


Although it is a plant that grows in abundance in the clay soils of the humid regions of the northern hemisphere, at the moment it can be found in the whole planet, mainly, on the banks of the rivers and streams and in the surroundings of grasslands.

But, in addition to its cleansing properties, horsetail is also known for its aesthetic and regenerative properties, as it helps to renew cell tissues, giving a better look to our skin and making it look more beautiful. The sterile stems of the plant are harvested during the summer season and allowed to dry in the shade, eliminating discolored parts. Then they are crushed and put into bags with which they are made all kinds of preparations for beauty and health. From fresh juices to essences, infusions, syrups, capsules, lotions, waters for enemas, creams, extracts, decoctions, and nebulizations.

5 benefits of horsetail

1. It is diuretic

The ponytail is one of the best natural supplements that exists to promote the loss of fluid retention, making it ideal for those who suffer from inflammation, arthritis or gout and also for those suffering from kidney, bladder and stone problems In the kidneys.

2. Soft depurative

Combined with other medicinal plants such as nettle, milk thistle or dandelion, it allows purifying our body of toxic agents. We recommend taking this plant once a day for a month, twice a year. Preferably during spring and autumn.

3. Improves the condition of the skin and nails

Its high content of silicon helps to maintain and recover the connective tissues of the skin, rejuvenating and invigorating it.

In this regard, it also helps to form the collagen that our nails need.

4. Helps to lose weight -eliminate fluids-

Because of its cleansing effect, horsetail also helps prevent and eliminate cellulite. It fights toxins in our body. However, it must be taken into account that what is eliminated is liquid, not fat.

5. Strengthens our bones and tendons

The high mineral content of the ponytail makes this plant have a remineralizing effect, helping to nourish and strengthen our bones. Ideal to help prevent cavities, osteoporosis and improve wound healing.

It is, therefore, a good complement for those people who do sport in a habitual way, since it affects positively on the flexibility of the tendons and the vessels walls.



It is important to know that the use of diuretics in the presence of hypertension and heart disease should only be done by prescription and under medical control.