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Kohlrabi - White Vienna

Kohlrabi - White Vienna

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White Vienna kohlrabi is very popular and matures earlier than Purple Vienna by 5 to 10 days. This variety produces pale-green smooth flattened globe-shaped bulbs with white flesh that are best when harvested at 2" in diameter. The tasty sweet flesh is good in salads, for snacking, or for light cooking.

Named for a German word meaning "cabbage turnip," kohlrabi was developed first around the 16th century in northern Europe. By the end of that century, it had spread throughout the rest of the continent as well as to the Mediterranean region. The first recorded mention of kohlrabi in the States is found in the early 16th century. More recently, the countries of China, Israel, and Africa have discovered this vegetable; it has become quite a staple of northern Indian cuisine.

50 or more seeds per pack