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Lettuce - White Boston Butterhead

Lettuce - White Boston Butterhead

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White Boston is a light green butterhead lettuce with a delicious buttery yellow heart. This extra tender heirloom goes back over 100 years and has a classic mild flavor. The firm, 12" round head sits up off the ground for a cleaner pick and does well in warm conditions. It should be ready in about 70 days.

White Boston is an heirloom variety of butter lettuce improved from an older type called Big Boston. Wild lettuce, however, from which modern lettuce is derived, originated in Asia Minor. The ancient historian Herodotus records its presence on the tables of 6th century Persian kings, and throughout the following centuries it became a popular crop all over Europe. Columbus brought it with him to the New World, starting its spread over the North American continent. Without a doubt, lettuce now holds a place in nearly every garden on the globe.

300 ct seed pack