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Marigold - Día de los Muertos (50 ct seed pack)

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This mischevious darling double blooms a bright yellow with reddish-brown markings. This plant is a mid sized Marigold, not a giant, nor a dwarf and is very easy to grow, so it makes an excellent choice for urban gardening with limited space.

Though native to Mexico and Central America, these flowers spread to Europe with explorers and became popular as ornamental plants. Because of their beauty, they often adorned statues of Mary, resulting in the common name "Mary's gold." Gardeners often use this species as a companion plant for vegetables, since it prevents disease and harmful pests. The genus name "Tagetes" comes from Tages, an ancient deity who sprung up from the ground.The species name "patula" comes from the Latin word for "spreading wide," referring to the opening blossoms.

The full double petals and bold contrasting colors make this an excellent choice for Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) crafts, such a garlands, wreathes and mask adornments  

50 count seed pack