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Mint - Lemon

Mint - Lemon

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Monarda citriodora “Lemon Mint” is not a true mint. 

Though not as strong as peppermint, this plant has a distinct herbal scent with hints of citrus, making it popular in flower and herb gardens around the world. The lavender flowers are a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds.
Though not a member of the mint family, this plant has a distinct herbal scent that has hints of citrus. Because its leaves contain citronellol, the essential oil distilled from this plant has a repellent effect on insects. The genus name Monarda honors Spanish botanist Nicolas Bautista Monardes, who studied herbal and medicinal plants from North America during the 16th century. The species name "citriodora" comes from Latin words meaning "having a citrus aroma."
A favorite of pollinators! 
25 or more seeds per pack