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Hooker’s Evening Primrose seed (Oenothera elata hookeri)
Hooker’s Evening Primrose seed (Oenothera elata hookeri)

Hooker’s Evening Primrose seed (Oenothera elata hookeri)

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Easy to grow - Blooms Spring all the way through Autumn - Attractive to Japanese Beetles, but Hardy enough to withstand them and has an excellent shape for bending branches over a bowl of soapy water to dispatch them. 
Night blooming, attractive in borders, can be pruned and shaped easily ... This plant is a winner in any garden! 


Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun. Tolerates poor and/or limy soils, drought and some light shade. Easily grown from seed and will self-seed under optimum growing conditions.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Hooker’s evening primrose (Oenothera elata) is a tall, herbaceous plant in the evening primrose family (Onagraceae). It is characterized by its showy bright yellow flowers with four heart-shaped petals and by elongated seedpods that develop below the base of the petals.

As its name implies, Hooker’s evening primrose has nocturnal flowers that open in the evening and wither the following morning. It is primarily pollinated at night by sphinx moth, but may be visited by other insects near dawn and dusk.

Hooker’s evening primrose is native to California. However, it is also found elsewhere in western North America, growing along streams and in moist places in many plant communities.

Other Common Names:

Hairy evening primrose, western evening primrose, marsh evening primrose

Specific epithet means large-fruited.


No serious insect or disease problems. Root rot may occur in wet, poorly drained soils.


Best in border fronts or rock gardens. Also effective in wild gardens, meadows, cottage gardens or native plant gardens. A showy plant which can be grown in poor, dryish soils.

50-100 seeds per pack