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Mugwort Seed (Artemisia Douglasiana )
Mugwort Seed (Artemisia Douglasiana )

Mugwort Seed (Artemisia Douglasiana )

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Artemisia Douglasiana - Giant California Mugwort 

One the 9 sacred herbs of the summer solstice and one of my personal favorites. 

An array of medicinal uses as well as a beautiful ornamental addition to your garden. This California native carries the strongest scent and highest medicinal and magical concentration of any mugwort variety. 

When Herbalist, Shamans and Western Native Americans refer to Mugwort for ritual and dream work, this is the mugwort they call upon  

Rhizome orders: in temperate zones - your orders will be shipped right away, as plants can be established in autumn and over winter  

In cooler zones - your order will shipped in spring - unless you feel you can establish this plant indoors safely    Please contact me if you have the means to start the roots indoors, otherwise I will ship your order in spring  

Do not delay ordering until spring, as rhizomes are limited