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Reishi and Chaga Healing Mushroom Blend
Reishi and Chaga Healing Mushroom Blend
Reishi and Chaga Healing Mushroom Blend
Reishi and Chaga Healing Mushroom Blend
Reishi and Chaga Healing Mushroom Blend

Reishi and Chaga Healing Mushroom Blend

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Reishi and Chaga Mushroom Blend

convenient premade natural Tea bags.

Ganoderma Lucidum is farmed and wildcrafted when in season on our homestead. Our Siberian Chaga is sustainability and responsibly sourced. Each tea bag is 50% Chaga to Reishi Ratio. Because they are cut by hand and not powdered, each bag can be steeped multiple times. Enjoy as would coffee or black tea.

Benefits of Chaga: 

Relief from Oxidative Stress

The antioxidant concentration of Chaga is statistically unrivaled among naturally occuring foods. It’s 45x higher than acai berries, 80x higher than pomegranates, and 1,300x higher than blueberries. Almost 1,300 times that of blueberries! Antioxidants are natural or man-made substances that prevent or delay cell damage or cell death from highly reactive molecules called free radicals, or toxic byproducts of metabolism. Our bodies need a proper balance of antioxidants and free radicals; however, when this balance is disrupted, this can lead to a state of oxidation stress. Antioxidants are especially important in counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals and are found in many foods including fruits, vegetables and wild mushrooms.

Heightened Energy Levels

Chaga is rich in polysaccharides, which help our body to convert food into usable energy, leaving us with a more enduring & sustained mental energy.  Not only does this make you want to start organizing your closet... But it actually helps to lose weight, too!  It’s no coincidence that I decided to build myself a business after drinking chaga!

Cell Regeneration

Chaga is high in Beta Glucans, which may promote white blood cell activation and catalyze the growth of healthy new skin cells. This is especially true when Chaga is used topically, for example in a lotion or soap.

Skincare Supplement

Chaga is one of the most potent natural sources of melanin, which is essential for healthy pigmentation in human skin. It’s also required for your body to be able to tan. Additionally Chaga is a strong source of vitamin D, which is helpful to those who endure long winters, as well as anyone on a dairy-free diet.

Chaga is an Adaptogen 

This means that it supports your adrenal system, and aids in a positive response to stress and stress hormones. Chaga also contains a wide variety of beneficial compounds, triterpenes, minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins. Chaga's even packed with more potassium than a banana.

Chaga & Cancer

Studies have suggested that the betulinic acid found in Chaga can induce apoptotic death in cancer cells, but these studies were performed on mice and rats. There have not been any studies using human trials. Intuitive reasoning would suggest that adding Chaga to a Cancer diet would be a wise move- but it should be clear that our statements have not been approved by the FDA, and Chaga has not been proven to fight, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Benefits of Reishi: 

Immune System

Your immune system has a couple of important functions. It helps fight off illness and regularly conducts 'immune surveillance' which searches the body for potentially harmful organisms and risky cells. As you age, your immune system can slow down and deteriorate. This can lead to an increase in illness, poor regulation of swelling, and a surplus of risky cells (free radicals) in your body.

Reishi essentially teaches your immune system to work smarter rather than harder. It's Beta-D Glucan content helps it to boost and enhance your immune system while it's anti-inflammatory properties help reduce troublesome swelling. With a properly functioning immune system, your body will naturally perform more immune surveillance, which leads to a decrease in harmful cells.  

Stress Relief 

Reishi helps with stress relief by easing your mind and relaxing your body. Reishi can also affect you physiologically due to its adaptogen power. An adaptogen is a substance that helps you react positively to stress by supporting your adrenal system. So not only will reishi relax you, but it will also help your body fend off stress.

Cardiovascular Health

Reishi mushroom has been found to have a larger effect on people who tend to have more severe high blood pressure, rather than those with just slightly high blood pressure. It has been shown to lower blood pressure in severe cases.

Allergy Relief

Seasonal allergies, pollen allergies, pet allergies and more are all caused by your body releasing too much histamine when you come in contact with a substance your body is confused about. Some people are allergic to everything, while others only suffer through pollen or pets. 

Reishi is a histamine regulator, which means it can moderate the amount of histamines released into your body when you come in contact with scary, scary pollen. This allows you to avoid the unnecessary swelling, dripping, crying, and sneezing sometimes induced by a mild allergy. 

It is important to note that Anaphylaxis is different from mild to severe allergies. It is the result of a serious and sometimes deadly sensitivity to something, most commonly peanuts, shellfish, and bees. Reishi should not be used to treat or prevent Anaphylaxis. In cases of Anaphylaxis, an epipen is usually necessary, and is only short-term relief so that one can make it to a doctor or emergency clinic.