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Rutabaga (Laurentian)

Rutabaga (Laurentian)

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The Laurentian rutabaga produces nice, firm roots with a good, mild flavor that are about 6" across. This variety does not get side shoots and is also a great keeper. The roots are creamy with tops that are a deep reddish-purple and take about 105 days to mature.

The rutabaga developed in 17th century Bohemia as a rare cross between a turnip and a cabbage. European farmers of this time began growing the turnip-like root for its value as cattle fodder, but soon its mild, sweet flavor was found agreeable for culinary use. In Sweden, rutabagas became so commonly cultivated that they acquired the name "Swedish turnip." Laurentain comes from the heirloom Purple Top strain of rutabaga.

30 count seed pack