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St. John’s Wort - Hypericum perforatum Seed

St. John’s Wort - Hypericum perforatum Seed

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St. John’s Wort - Hypericum perforatum

100 ct seed pack

St. John's wort is a herb that has long been thought to have medicinal qualities, especially for the treatment of depression.

It also appears to have antibacterial properties and may act as an antiviral agent.

Also known as Perforate St. John's wart, Tipton's Weed or Klamath weed, St. John's wort comes from a flowering plant called Hypericum perforatum

The plant contains the active chemical hypericin, and this may be what gives the herb most of its efficacy. Other ingredients such as hyperforin and flavonoids may play a role.

St. John's Wort can clash dangerously with some prescription drugs, so care must be taken with its use, and any use should be first discussed with a health care provider.