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Sunflower - Velvet Queen

Sunflower - Velvet Queen

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Add an air of rustic elegance to your garden with these velvety bronze and burgundy sunflowers. This sunflower grows to a perfect reachable height and makes excellent cut flowers. As with most sunflowers, this variety is straightforward to grow, so it makes an excellent selection for a beginning gardener.

Sunflowers were named for their habit of turning their faces to the sun. At the beginning of their development they exhibit heliotropism, or following the sun in its course from east to west, though the mature blossoms usually end up facing straight east. These versatile plants have an ancient history, beginning with Native American tribes across North America as early as 2000 BC. The seeds were used for their oil, ground up for meal, or simply eaten as a snack; the plant also provided dye and medicinal ointment. In 18th century Europe, sunflowers were widely used both in gardens and for making cooking oil; the production of this heart-healthy oil eventually became a major industry both in Europe and America. These are said to be the happiest of flowers, and in the language of flowers they symbolize loyalty and constancy.

20 or more seeds per pack