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Swiss Chard - Perpetual Spinach

Swiss Chard - Perpetual Spinach

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The shiny green leaves of this swiss chard resemble spinach in appearance and flavor. Very hardy and prolific, it is much slower to bolt than spinach. It is delicious when eaten raw or steamed. Harvest begins at 50 days and can last through Autumn.

Perpetual Spinach Swiss chard, a variety quite similar to spinach, was developed with slim, slightly pointed leaves with thin stems for use in salads. In spite of the name, Swiss chard originates in the Mediterranean region, where professional and home chefs alike use it for salad greens or as a flavoring in soup or rice. The first written mention of this vegetable in the United States is in The American Farmer magazine, where Baltimore farmer Gideon Smith reported his experimental planting. It remained a curiosity until after the Civil War, when gradually it gained in popularity.

20 or more seeds per pack