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Tomato (Heirloom Golden Jubilee) Seed
Tomato (Heirloom Golden Jubilee) Seed

Tomato (Heirloom Golden Jubilee) Seed

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Higher in Vitamin C and lower in acid than many tomato varieties, the Golden Jubilee is a nutritious vegetable for your garden. The bright orange tomatoes are meaty and flavorful! This is a vigorous variety with good yields and is ASC resistant. This variety grows tomatoes in 80 days. 

Though its exact heritage is unknown, Golden Jubilee first appeared in the Grand Rapids Growers, Inc seed catalog in 1948 as an heirloom variety from the early 1900s. Golden Jubilee was donated to the USDA in 1963, having been improved at the Cheyenne Horticultural Field Station in Wyoming.
Indeterminate - Requires Cages or Staking 

Unique, delicious and easy to grow! These heirlooms are summer treat for sure. 

20 or more seeds per pack.