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Tomato - Homestead Special VALUE Mix
Tomato - Homestead Special VALUE Mix

Tomato - Homestead Special VALUE Mix

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Not picky about what type of tomato you grow this season? Any kind that’s great for canning or slicing will do? Enjoy surprises and looking for a GREAT value? 
This homestead special value pack is for YOU! 
A mix of all of my favorite canning varieties and LOTS of seeds to grow! 
Rutgers, Roma, German Baptiste, Ace 55, Mountain Princess and MORE! 
Canning my tomato harvest this year was a bigger job than ever before. With so many tomatoes to can, I stopped short of meticulously sorting each and every type of seed.
Because I love each and every variety, I decided to save these seeds as mix for myself to grow next season.

It’s a perfect blend of many of the best canning cultivars and a few nice slicer types as well. This mix is specifically made up of what I like to call: “Can it make a sauce AND a Greek salad type of tomatoes.” 
You won’t find fancy blacks, unusual, hard to grow or disease prone cultivars in this mix. 
Large 100+ ct seed pack will fill your pantry this season and provide extra plants to share with family and friends.