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Tomato - Heirloom Red Brandywine

Tomato - Heirloom Red Brandywine

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Organic heirloom Brandywine tomato seeds produce firm, juicy, clear-skinned tomatoes with great flavor! Brandywine Red tomatoes sometimes reach 24 Oz in weight, and are reddish-pink. This is an open pollinated heirloom variety with a vigorous plant that takes 90 days to maturity. Indeterminate.

Originally introduced by Johnson and Stokes in 1889, the Brandywine line of tomato was considered extinct. In 1982, the Seed Savers Exchange received Brandywine seeds from a customer named Ben Quisenberry in Ohio. Mr. Quisenberry, an elderly gardening enthusiast who dedicated his life to saving heirloom tomatoes, has several excellent varieties to his credit; he received the Brandywine seeds from an elderly woman named Doris Sudduth Hill, from Tennessee. Mrs. Hill's family had been growing these excellent tomatoes for over 80 years. This variety received its name from Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

30 count seed pack