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Tomato - Roma

Tomato - Roma

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Note: large 40 + count seed pack is great for homestead and self sufficiency gardeners. 
Roma is one of the most popular tomato varieties for pastes, sauces, and canning! The solid tomatoes weigh about 3 Oz and grow on compact vines. This easy to grow variety is open pollinated and bears heavily until frost. They take about 78 days to produce ripe tomatoes. 

Tomatoes first arrived in Italy with the return of European explorers from South America, bringing with them the unknown "tomatl," a member of the nightshade family that was considered poisonous for centuries and only used for decoration. Though Italians didn't discover the merits of tomatoes as a vegetable until the 18th century, they quickly became a staple ingredient in Italian sauces and pasta. The Roma tomato, also called an Italian plum tomato, performs excellently for sauces because of its low water content.

Determinate - Does not require staking, fruit ripen all at once for one large harvest. The best tomato for canning. 

Homestead Special: 40 or more seeds per pack